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Sports Authority of India to use flooded Delhi NCR roads to train swimmers

31, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Sports Authority of India (SAI) has immediately summoned all national level athletes of water sports to Delhi to conduct a training camp. With flooded roads all over Delhi and Gurgaon, SAI will use this as an opportunity to conduct training for these athletes.

Delhi roads
Great place to have a swim (Image by ANI)

After India’s poor performance at the Olympics and almost negligible presence in water sports, SAI is determined to send a strong squad to Tokyo Olympics and is using every possible opportunity to train them. With limited availability of Olympic sized swimming pools, these giant swimming pools on Delhi roads will come in handy to help the swimmers train.

“We only have 4 years to deliver Olympic standard swimmers and we can’t afford to lose any opportunity. Our swimmers, divers, rowers, water polo players, all keep complaining about lack of facilities. So we invite them here to make use of these swimming pools stretching for several KMs, swim, dive, play water polo, row your boat, do whatever you have to do and improve your performances”, a SAI official told Faking News.

“What they will undergo in Delhi will be what we call endurance training. All the stranded cars on the roads will increase the difficulty levels for swimmers, which will help them in the long run. The divers can climb on top of the stalled DTC buses and jump in the water below them. Water Polo players will have to dodge all those people pushing their two-wheelers to pass the ball. If they do well in these conditions, imagine what they will do in a clean, clear pool. We can create world beaters right here”, the official added.

Meanwhile, US secretary of state, John Kerry, who is also currently in Delhi, was also impressed with the facilities for water sports here and has promised that he will ask Michael Phelps to open an academy here similar to the one Gopichand runs for Badminton in Hyderabad.