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Spotting an empty Virar local upon reaching Churchgate, man bunks office to return home

21, May 2015 By gugu

Mumbai. Unable to resist the temptation of travelling in an empty Virar local without being thrown out, Rahul Rastogi, a lifelong Borivli resident, decided to skip office and return home directly from Churchgate station itself.

Speaking to our reporters at his Borivli residence, a teary eyed Rahul recalled, “The temptation was too overwhelming. In my 15 years of service, I have never seen the insides of a Virar local.”

Such was his delight on finally getting to sit in a Virar fast, that instead of getting down at Borivli, Rahul decided to take the journey all the way to Virar.

It was comfortable ride for Rahul.
It was comfortable ride for Rahul.

“It was a surreal experience. Not many people know this but the Virar local looks beautiful from inside,” Rahul went on to describe as “modern art work painted on the compartment walls” what we strongly believe might be “spit stains”.

As soon as word of this got out, congratulatory messages started pouring in from all corners of Borivli. Hundreds of Borivli residents are expected to repeat the same feat in the coming week. They are talking about using up their vacation balance hours to take early leave from work just so they can sit in Virar locals. “Rahul bhai has restored the pride of Borivli by showing us the way. We can travel respectfully again,” said Rahul’s next door neighbour Pawan, when asked.

Meanwhile Virar residents are furious and are planning to launch a protest against Rahul and all those conspiring to boycott the Virar local.

We spoke to one such miffed regular of the local to know what was bothering him and this is what he said, “It doesn’t feel like we have had a productive day until we have thrown a couple of Borivli residents from off the train. Soon others will join the bandwagon. At this rate, some day we will not have any Borivli residents to throw out of trains.”