After spotting good looking girls, Man pleads before TC to swap his 1st AC ticket with 3rd AC compartment

30, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Praveen B, while walking towards his 1st class AC berth, stopped by a compartment where a group of good looking girls were playing Antakshari. He tried to occupy a seat somewhere nearby when a lady sitting there told him to go to his coach.


Praveen was running from one corner of the train to other looking desperately for the TC to swap his 1st class AC ticket with AC 3-tier.

“Everyone encircling TC was requesting him to upgrade them from wait list tickets to confirmed or RAC tickets. The response from TC was, let him see if any vacancy is there. He was asking everyone, one by one come to meet him near B3 coach toilet”, said Praveen while speaking to us.

Praveen added, “I was born to a rich dad who never allowed me to do anything on my own in life. He forced me to do mechanical engineering against my wish so that I can take over our business after dad retires. Thought the TC who looked less threatening than my dad will allow me to participate in Antakshari. In fact, while waiting for TC near toilet I was brushing up my skill by going through song websites”.

The TC who was behaving exactly like a TC told Praveen firmly, in trains there is option to upgrade provided there is vacancy, but there is no provision downgrade. But TC gave him the option to see if someone is ready to swap his berth with him.

Praveen found one person who was travelling alone, wanted to sleep peacefully away from the Antakshari noise. He helped him by taking all his luggage by crossing 7 coaches on the way. Excited Praveen when returned to 3rd AC compartment found none of those girls. A nearby person told him, these girls were on some college trip and they get down one station before.

Praveen sitting alone near the window was singing “Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haaye, Kabhi To Hansaaye, Kabhi Yeh Rulaaye