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St Stephen’s dreams crushed for thousands of class 12th students as they receive just 99% marks in CBSE

26, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: With CBSE results coming out on 25th of May, dreams of making it to St Stephen’s College, Delhi University (DU) were brutally crushed for thousands of class 12th students when they came to know that they have just scored meager 99% marks in CBSE and not the 100% usually required to clear DU Cutoffs.

Shilpa Bahera, a student of Blue-oranges Public School (BPS) Noida, who scored 99.5% marks this year was seen crying profusely outside her school campus. Shilpa scored 398 marks out of 400 in her best of 4 subjects and would most probably be denied admission to much coveted four-year undergraduate Economics program at St Stephens college for which cut-offs apparently start from 99.75% and at times close at 100.00%.

Topper girls struggling to make it to DU last year
Topper girls struggling to make it to DU last year

“Everything seems so bleak now. I am sure I lost those two marks in English due to my bad handwriting. Both my English coach and my English tuition teacher told me to concentrate on my hand writing, as my literature and reading comprehension were already excellent, but I couldn’t do that. And now I have no option but to opt for Sanskrit Honors at St. Stephens. How will I face the mocking eyes of my relatives and neighbors now? What will I say when they ask “Beta kitna percentage aya?“” Shilpa said while being consoled by her boyfriend.

Celebrity coaching-center evangelist and entrepreneur Samarth Bhasin, who made it to Forbes list of fastest millionaires last year, talked in detail about this year’s results, “Results are still pouting in and we are running a lot of predictive analytics models on already captured class 12th results data-set, but the earliest hypothesis is that English papers have gone through toughest checking this year. A lot of our “A-star” students are reporting to have obtained just 98%, 99% marks in English which is shocking because these kids are so bright that they can start teaching college level English courses any day now. I am both shocked and stunned.”

While lot of general category kids with percentages ranging from 95% to 98% marks have lost all hopes to make it to any top tier colleges in India, admissions will be also particularly tough this year for reserved category students with admission cut-offs expected to be increased from 92.5% last year to 92.7% this year.