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Still in festival mode, HR found making rangoli designs in office for Halloween

31, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

The lanterns have been removed, the crackers have stopped bursting but IT company HR staff is still in festival mode. At one such company in Bengaluru, A few of the Human Resources staff members were busy seen decorating the office with rangoli designs for Halloween.


“We are a global company, with clients from across the world. So we have to celebrate every festival we can think of. Besides, we put in a lot of effort in these designs. There have been countless meetings of the senior management over which designs to be used, how lightnings are to be done. Believe it or not but our HR Head has been working without a break on getting everything in place. We have even put processing the October months salary on the backburner,” revealed an HR employee.

With every floor decorated with Rangoli, employees found it difficult to reach their workstation. Some of them said that they had to ballet dancer their way to their cubicle to avoid stepping on the rangoli.

However, some employees were not convinced with the explanation. “I almost turned into a professional ballet dancer while navigating my way. Rangoli for Diwali is fine. But Halloween? And if they are so enthusiastic about celebrating every festival, then why not celebrate Oktoberfest or maybe Online Shopping Festivals,” questioned an employee.

Though not an Indian festival, it is celebrated with fervor in some parts of the country such as South Mumbai. Pumpkin lanterns were seen outside houses few houses in Colaba. Kids dresses as vampires and ghouls were seen roaming the streets.

Some parts of Delhi also the festival being celebrated. Businessman Robert Vadra got a momentary scare after kids dressed as ED officials landed up outside his house for trick or treat.