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Other than stopping people from wearing helmet in their hands, Aadhar can fix every other problem: Govt to SC

07, May 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Recently Government asserted Supreme Court, by linking Aadhar to PAN card will weed out fake PAN cards which are used for terror financing, drug financing, circulation of black money that is almost all the major problems country is facing today.


When the honorable Supreme court asked, is there any problem in this country which Aadhar card cannot address in its current form, Attorney General Mr. Mukul Rohatgi said, “Yes, few ‘minor’ ones will remain, like people wearing helmets in hands during driving, driving on wrong side of one-way roads, driving after drinking or talking on mobile phone while at the steering wheel”.

Honorable supreme court wanted to know when all these major problems linked to black money were supposed to be over post demonetization, why Government is highlighting same problems again and again. Mr. Rohatgi said, “Demonetization was our 1st dose of the vaccination, but this black money virus is so powerful that we needed another booster dose of Aadhar vaccination within six months”.

Our reporter who was present during the discussion inside supreme court spoke to noted activist Debajit Dutta to know the reason behind his opposition to make Aadhar, the monarch among all cards. Mr. Dutta said, “Why a youngster like Aadhar is being made a messiah in this country and the ones like PAN card have been sent to Marg Darshak role against their own wish”.

“The thing I hate most about Aadhar card is the way one looks in its photograph. It’s not about my photo or your photo, even if Katrina Kaif puts her Aadhar card photo in Instagram it will not get more than one like, may be Sallu bhai might like it”, said Mr. Dutta.

When Supreme court wanted to know, what Government is planning to do to eradicate the ‘minor’ problems, Mr. Rohatgi said, “Many of them will go out of the world, unfortunately it will take some innocent lives having no-fault from them. Some will come back and they have to apply for Aadhar card again in next life. Let me remind, Aadhar is powerful, but not so powerful that it can be used in next life”.