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Stray dog spotted on Rajpath during Republic Day parade, later identified as Somnath Bharti’s pet dog Don

26, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: The seemingly flawless display of India’s military power on Rajpath as part of Republic day parade today was marred with an embarrassing incident of a stray dog walking across the parade path. The dog was later identified as AAP leader Somnath Bharti’s pet Don.

Don taken in custody for trespassing
Don taken in custody for trespassing

Security forces sprung into action as soon as they saw a dog crossing the path of a tableau and moving towards the stage where PM Modi was seated.

“We had elaborate security arrangements for R-Day parade but somehow a dog managed to bypass all that landed on Rajpath. Clearly that is a huge security risk. Previously, we heard of pigeons being trained by terrorists. What if this dog was also trained by anti national forces? So we had to take him into custody. But he was later released when we found out that it was Don, AAP leader Somnath Bharti’s dog,” said a security officer.

Our reporter spoke to Somnath Bharti to find out the reason why Don chose to present himself as a security threat and also embarrass the government in front of foreign dignitaries.

“I am clueless, but from what I understand Don was upset for the last few days as he was not chosen to be part of the Republic Day dog parade. Maybe he wanted to show his resentment by walking on Rajpath,” said Somnath Bharti.

Sensing an opportunity Delhi CM blamed the PM for hurting Don’s feeling and accused the Govt. of discrimination.

In its defense, PMO clarified that Republic Day dog squads are chosen on merit. “Don is lethargic. He has shown no interest in taking part in rehearsals. He has countless demands. Besides, a few female dogs complained of being ‘inappropriately touched by Don’ during practice. He proved to be more of a menace,” said a source from PMO.

Don may be facing a lot of flak, but has found an unlikely supporter in the form of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who visited Don’s kennel and spent an entire day there to express his solidarity.