Stray shooting incident reported during Engg college elections, students use mess roti as shield to protect themselves

31, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Student elections at a local engineering college took a violent turn after stray shooting incident was reported at a college campus in the city.

dilipkumar roti

Eyewitness say it was a clash between supporters of opposing candidates which got out of hand. The incident took place in the hostel canteen, where the candidates had come to have lunch. In the melee that ensued, one supporter is said to have fired random shots at students sitting in the canteen.

However, no one was hurt as many used the canteen’s roti as shield to protect themselves.

“It was instinctive. I saw someone with a gun and there was not time to duck or hide so I just held the roti to protect myself from the bullets,” recollected a third year student from the college.

Others too had similar things to say and thanked the ‘bulletproof roti’ for saving their lives. The student body in now planning to felicitate the mess owner and the cook who prepares these rotis

Covered by flour in a dingy kitchen and surrounded by stacks of atta packets, Mess Cook Radheshyam revealed, “I don’t have any specific formula. It’s just some expired sub-standard atta which I use for making the rotis. Earlier students used to complain, but I am happy that now my efforts are being appreciated.”

After the news went viral on social media, samples from the canteen were sent for lab testing in Hyderabad and they found that the rotis were better as protection against bullets than Kevlar jackets.

The college principal refuted media reports and said that some people are blowing the incident out of proportion to tarnish the image of the college. Speaking to Faking News he said while downplaying the incident, “It was not a shootout. The famous Thain-Thain cop was posted at our college to oversee the elections. And he probably did what he is best known for, which was the reason why students thought bullets were fired.”