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Doing a stress test to find how much dust people can intake says BBMP on digging up all roads in Bengaluru

15, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: As per one recent report, doctors in Bengaluru told, city is not suitable for those with respiratory ailments. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has come up with a plan to prove the doctors wrong.

“Anyone can say anything. We want to show those doctors; city people has enough resilience when it comes to inhaling dust particles. See, in last two months we have dug up every corner of the city, what happened? Has anyone left the city? City is moving ahead as it used to. May be little slowly because of the debris on roadsides covering half of the road,” said Mr. Manjunath, one of the senior official of BBMP.

Mr. Manjunath said, “The stress test we are doing is part of our larger plan. We want to check how much dust our bodies can inhale before we seriously fall ill. Mind you, in the process our body is becoming dust resistant. In future if we have to face smog like situation what Delhi faced for last couple of years, our public will be better immune to manage it.”

As Manjunath was speaking, a group of persons from Bengaluru came for protest in front of BBMP office. Mr. Bhargav, leader of that group said, “We have come here to ask people like Manjunath, when we pay our taxes on time, why you have not dug up roads in our area. Apart from losing an opportunity to dust immune our bodies, everyone is driving through our locality as only few tarred roads have remained in our locality only.”

Mr. Manjunath while apologizing to Bhargav, asked BBMP contractor to dug up all the remaining roads in Bengaluru. “Until you do that, do not show your face to me,” Manjunath told the Contractor.