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The ‘strong messages’ US is claiming they have sent to Pakistan are still there in Trump’s draft folder as found by a hacker

23, Jun 2017 By dasu

In a sensational disclosure, world renowned hacker activist Joel Snowden recently revealed about the number of unsent emails he has found in US president’s official email account draft folder during his last round of hacking.


While speaking to us over phone from an undisclosed location, Mr. Snowden said, “US presidents’ email account draft folder have many subfolders. Under Pakistan PM’s name subfolder, I was able to hack couple of emails. These emails were marked towards Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif with CC to Pakistan Chief of Army Qamar Bajwa.”

“First thing I noticed the emails were not idle messages, they were constantly being worked upon looking at their time-stamp. Though I am not an expert on Indian-Pakistan matter, read them to just understand how strongly worded messages are exchanged between heads of different countries. A portion of the email I am sharing with you so that you can see it yourself how strong the message is,” said Snowden.

“Dear Nawaz, I am really impressed with the steps Pakistan has taken on some of the terrorist groups operating within its own borders and carrying out attacks within its borders. However, sometimes these terrorists do cross the border as India often highlighted, even your former NSA Durrani said that they do cause some kind of havoc outside Pakistan territory in neighboring countries. Hope you are aware of such terrorist groups and doing everything in your capacity to control them. I have full confidence in you and your team. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will speak more on this during your weekly one on one meeting. Thanks, Yours Always, President Trump.”

US president’s office spokesperson has declined to talk on this matter. He said, “We have excellent relationship with India otherwise our President would not have invited PM Modi again considering he met our last president Obama some eight times in two years. Email is not only way communication happens, President regularly talks to heads of India and Pakistan through hotline and sends out appropriate messages as per need of the hour.”

US president’s office spokesperson stated, soon they will find a way to extradite Mr. Snowden to US who has done some serious damage to their internal security and diplomatic relations with other countries.