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Stuck in traffic for hours Benagaluru man panics, decorates his car to celebrate Diwali before it is over

05, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

“Look at the traffic. I think i will reach my house only after the festival is over,” said Bengaluru resident Prakash Reddy as he puilled out decorative lights from the trunk of his car. Prakash was returning after his weekend Diwali shopping at the mall. But since Saturday he has managed to move only 100 meters thanks to weekend shoppers and the city’s perennial traffic.

diwali lights

Apparently, Prakash spent half his salary in purchasing the lights which he says respond to voice commands like Alexa. The traffic however had different plans and decided to play spoilsport at the famed Silk Board junction. Having made up his mind that he’d rather do something about his miserable condition than keep complaining about it, Prakash decided to start decorating his car before the festival got over.

“As long as I am stuck here, this is my home. So it makes sense that I decorate my car to celebrate the festival,” he said.

Others car owners too joined in after some time, and few even started making rangoli designs on the road.

“I agree with the gentleman who has decorated his car. Even I don’t think I will  make to my house. So I am making these colorful designs on the road itself,” said Sreelatha, an HR manager who has 5 years work-ex of making rangoli at her workplace.

The situation elsewhere too wasn’t any better. On the road leading to the airport, serpentine lines of vehicles could be seen moving at snails pace. Even an ambulance wasn’t spared. Eyewitness say that the frustrated patient deiced to abandon the ambulance and walk his way to the hospital.

The traffic department however put the blame squarely on the citizens. “We had already warned people about the traffic situation. If you need to reach home on time then you should have started at least 15 days earlier,” said a senior official.