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Student who built time machine as final year project disappointed to find himself friendzoned in future

06, Jan 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: A final year student of Karshak Engineering College went into depression after finding that he would be friend-zoned by his female project mate as soon as the 4-year course got over.

time machine

Rachet Sharma, a EEE student, went on to create a capacitor based time machine as part of his 4th year engineering project, after getting inspired with Back to the Future movie series. However, he was least aware of the surprise that was waiting for him in the future.

Speaking to Faking News, Rachet said, “I moved 10 years in the future where I saw ATMs full of cash, cleanliness all around, a child like old man called Rahul and TVF pictures which had become a top production house of Bollywood. The movies were now 2 hour long, and songs were being released separately as OSTs. Saas-bahu series on TVs had become vintage videos of the internet.”

“However, when I moved just 3 months forward in my Kaalyantra, I was really dejected to find my ‘could-be’ become someone else’s ‘would-be’. She had accepted a man I never knew as her life partner. Knowing how bad my future was, I decided to go back to present so that I could try my best to change the outcome.”

Sources say that dejected Rachet is now planning to modify the machine in such a way that it could travel to the past, and wipe off the memories of his could-be.