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Student caught eating classmate’s lunch, claims he was just checking for beef

27, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bhopal: 13 yrs old Abhishek’s quick thinking got him out of a very tight spot in his school today. Abhishek was caught eating his classmate Ashwin’s lunch by his teacher but when questioned, he said that he was just checking Ashwin’s lunch for any signs of beef. Instead of getting label of thief, the teacher praised him for his efforts to catch beef eaters and rewarded him.

Mutton that Abhishek enjoyed in school

Abhishek doesn’t carry his own lunchbox as he says only un-cool kids bring lunch from home and he eats someone else’s lunch every day during one of the pre-recess classes.

Explaining the incident, Abhishek said ,”It was just another regular day, I was half sleeping in the History class when I felt a bit hungry so I took out the lunchbox from a bag next to my seat and started eating. Half way through my first chapatti, the teacher noticed me and asked me why I am eating lunch during her class. My mind is like Einstein’s when I am under pressure so I immediately told her that this is not my lunch and I was just checking it for any presence of beef. I pointed to the Chicken curry in the lunchbox and told her that it looked like a beef dish so I had to check. As we know, if you are fighting against people eating beef, you can’t be touched. Thankfully, she is a vegetarian so she had no clue about any non-veg dish and she bought it.”

“She did ask me why I am eating it myself risking my life but I told her that heroes don’t care for their own lives. When it comes to defending greater good, someone has to forget about personal safety and step up. She got so emotional listening to my little speech that she rewarded me for my bravery by allowing me to skip History class for the next 2 weeks”, Abhishek added.

When we asked Abhishek’s teacher about the incident, she said ,”Well, I was later told that there was no beef in that lunchbox but still, Abhishek did save a lot of government money that would have been wasted testing that dish so he really is a hero.”