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Student living in hostel buying newspaper only to spread chakhna on it every night

16, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala: 21 yrs old Arun Kumar, a final year Mechanical engineering student, has subscribed to one English and one Hindi newspaper only to use them as a plate for chakhna and daru. Every night in his hostel room, he spreads them on the floor and carefully places plastic glasses and packets of chakhna while enjoying drinks with his friends.

Best use of newspaper

Speaking to Faking News, Arun said,”Well you know I am in the final year of my engineering so as per unwritten engineering rules, I must drink every night. There is little to learn during the final year and I have no reappears from previous years either so the final year is just an year long party. We don’t have fancy tables in the room where we can keep our glasses and chips, snacks etc so I subscribed to these newspapers. I got a good deal on them thanks to the student discounts they were offering.”

“There is nothing interesting in the newspapers these days as we get our news from digital media and all the advertisements can be seen on the Television. This is the only purpose for which we require newspapers. I have bought the annual subscriptions of both papers, got good student discounts on them as well”, Arun added.

Arun’s roommate Vikas joined in at this point and added,”Earlier we used to place our bedsheets on the floor and use that but once I burned a hole through it with my cigarette. Mummy scolded me like anything when I took it home for a wash. So we decided that we should use newspapers only, even if it burns, big deal. There is another one coming tomorrow.”

When we asked why 2 papers when 1 could suffice, Arun said,”Well, sometimes people vomit. Need a spare to clean that up.”