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Student misses exam after Sachin Tendulkar tweets him luck

07, May 2010 By Bystander

Mumbai. Abhimanya, popularly known today as the luckiest guy in India (yes, ahead of Siddharth Mallya) allegedly missed his exam yesterday after Sachin wished him luck for the same on twitter. He was so happy to be mentioned in the tweet that he stopped revising for the paper, called all his friends and family to show off the tweet, and by the time he finished doing all this, his exam had ended.

But far from being disappointed, Abhimanya went on to print screen the page that contained the tweet and posted it as his display picture on facebook, twitter, orkut and all other social networking websites, passwords of those he could recover or recall.

Sachin tweets
The famous tweet that created waves in India

The achievement of Abhimanya has inspired other youngsters too, who are now trying their best to get tweets by Sachin Tendulkar.

Vivek Bajoria, a resident of Kolkata has been admitted to a hospital after he refused to eat or drink until Sachin replied to his tweet. When asked what he had tweeted Sachin, his frustrated parents said, “He just wrote – please reply – around 10 times. Nothing else. Even Sachin might have wondered what to reply to that.”

Some engineering students of Punjab are vigorously surfing quotations and song lyrics websites to come up with something to impress the Master. They have even struck a deal amongst each other that the person who gets a tweet back from Sachin will treat the entire group in a 5-istar hotel. Somehow.

Karthik Laxman, the same person who was arrested for carrying a knife allegedly to stab Jacques Kallis, has already sent over 100 tweets to him without any reply. Finally, in desperation, he tweeted about his honest intentions of helping Sachin to remain the top-scorer in IPL. After being told by friends that this might lead to Sachin permanently blocking his tweets, he immediately deleted it, but this has led to fears that many warped guys could now try to achieve the distinction of being the first one on twitter to be blocked by Sachin Tendulkar.

Also, in plush South Mumbai, there is one person named Rocky Agarwal, who claims that he is not following Sachin on twitter as he doesn’t do who the masses do, because he is different. He says he is cooler than the rest. However, this reporter has come to know from a friend that Rocky had specially made a new account to follow Sachin.

Not since desibaba.com was banned, has India seen so many youngsters being glued to the computer screen like this. Realizing the importance of the event, Times Now put its entire team to report on the aftermath of Sachin joining twitter. Evidently, this was the reason Arnab Goswami controlled and anchored the Ajmal Kasab verdict story all alone on the channel for the whole day yesterday.