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Student quits photography to finish engineering college

27, Jul 2014 By killerwhale

Bangalore. In an interesting turn of events last Thursday night, Nitesh, a student from Vishveshwarya Institute of Engineering and Technology declared his life changing decision of ‘quitting photography and finishing engineering college’ among a gathering of his friends.

This event has been made public through a cellphone video recorded by one of his sober friends that evening. In the video Nitesh and his friends Mohit, Vikash, and Ranjan, could be seen raising their glasses while cheering and supporting him in his tough life changing decision and wishing him best for what lay ahead of him in his journey.

When this Faking News reporter asked Nitesh this morning over what made him take the decision, he said, “I shouldn’t have watched 3 idiots the night before.”

R Madhavan in 3 idiots
Nitesh’s Facebook profile pic before he decided to quit photography

Jay and Rohit, two first year students of the same college who had been asked to fetch 3 bottles of Old Monk later that night, claimed that they had found broken pieces of a camera, which both of them instantly recognized as their final year senior’s.

Apart from that, they witnessed the smudged writing on their senior’s hostel wall which said “I QUIT” being overwritten with another piece of writing which said “NOW, I BEGIN”.

Some more interesting facts were unearthed in the tea-break during college the next morning, where some of the dark secrets about Nitesh’s life were revealed.

Uday, his classmate and ex-roommate was quoted as saying, “He used to buy entry tickets for photography competitions in several college fests. Never won even a single time!”

And Vineet, who was seated nearby added, “He owes me 500 rupees now; said he would pay me as soon as he sells his camera.” What followed next was his anxiety when Vineet was informed about the broken camera by the first year juniors who were eavesdropping on this discussion.

After deciding that engineering is something he should concentrate upon, Nitesh was the first to get to his class on Friday morning, reportedly with borrowed notebooks and a pen. Although to his misfortune, he hadn’t had the time to catch up with his friends who would have informed him about a planned mass bunk until tea-break.

“I am not going to be a part of the crowd,” Nitesh later told Faking News why he attend the class alone.