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Student with smelly socks bunking computer lab classes because they ask students to remove shoes

20, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala: 20 yrs old Arun Kumar hasn’t attended a single Computer lab class in his college this year and the reason behind it is his smelly socks. Arun’s socks smell a lot (even by college standards) and he prefers to sit at the college canteen instead of stinking up the computer lab.

                         Arun’s socks

Arun’s computer teacher has already sent him an email telling him that if he continues to bunk all his classes, he will have to pay a fine of 10,000 Rs. or he will be barred from appearing in the examinations at the end of the year. After this email, Arun informed his family that his college tuition fee has increased by 10,000 Rs.

“I am not bunking this class for my pleasure, I am doing social service over here. I am willing to attend computer lab but they make us take off our shoes and then the class will be ruined for everyone. The severe pungent smell emanating from my socks will make it impossible for anyone to sit in the lab and everyone will walk out. Instead of everyone missing the class that way, I do them a favour by avoiding this lab”, Arun told this faking news reporter over a cold drink in the canteen.

“I don’t remove my shoes anywhere in the college. Only when I am safely back in my hostel room do I take them off. This is why I don’t go to the temple either, even though I can do with some help from God to pass the exams. Inside my hostel room, the smell is not a problem. You can’t tell whether the smell is coming from the curtains that haven’t been washed in living memory or from the bed which is full of food crumbs or from the dried vomit of last night. In 2 years, my roommate hasn’t blamed my smelly feet and socks even once for the smell in the room”, Arun added.

When we asked Arun to take some steps to get rid of this smell completely, he replied, “Well, I did think about washing the socks once but there was no water supply in the hostel that day.”

After that, Arun decided to give us a demo of the strength of the smell but we ran before he could untie his shoes.