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Student studying for CA Final realises it’s Diwali after noise of firecrackers disturbs him

20, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India requires hard work and dedication, after the mandatory 20 years of life spent while trying to clear the exams. The journey of Abhijeet (39), a CA Final student in Delhi, is an example of the commitment one needs to become a chartered accountant. Abhijeet, who started CA at age 19, was so engrossed in studying that he did not realise that it’s Diwali, until the noise of firecrackers made him lose his focus.

Abhijeet was in his study room when the noise of the firecrackers disturbed him, forcing him to come out of his room. His mother claims that Abhijeet has been relentlessly studying since six months. “We last saw him in May, when he went to the exam hall for his 28th attempt of the final exams. I am glad that the firecrackers disturbed him and he came out of his room. We will only see him again when he goes to the exam hall to fail in his next attempt,” said his mother.

Abhijeet, who appeared unkempt due to several months of vigorous studying, spoke to us on his tour out of the study room. “I did not know about the arrival of Diwali. The noise caused due to firecrackers has wasted my entire five minutes. How will I clear my next attempt now?” said a worried Abhijeet, before he went back to his room to study.

The Supreme Court, after banning the sale on firecrackers in Delhi-NCR, realised that the ban didn’t lead to an evident decrease in the pollution levels after BJP leaders distributed free firecrackers to poor kids who were in dire need of food and clothes. “Next Diwali, we will pass a law to ban bursting of firecrackers around houses of CA students who are yet to clear the exams. By doing so, a complete ban will be observed,” said a Supreme Court judge.