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Student sued for poor marks in exams, now he tells dad “matter is sub-judice”

27, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. All attempts by Mohan Chand to inquire why his 13-year-old son Krishna scored a total of 21 marks out of 500 marks in the mid-term exams have failed as Krishna has been refusing to explain anything regarding the matter, claiming that the “matter was sub-judice”. This after Krishna was sued by his school for performing horribly in the exams and causing damage to the school property.

“At least three of our school teachers are complaining of depression and hallucination ever since they checked Krishna’s answer sheets. They have lost their ability to concentrate and their health has been falling ever since,” informed Jayant Srivastava, Principal of Holy Brief Public School, which filed a case against Krishna on behalf of the aggrieved and injured teachers.

Krishna is also accused of breaking flower pots in the school garden and smashing at least four tube-lights in various classrooms on the day mid-term exam results were announced. The school straightaway filed a complaint against Krishna in the local police station.

Court cases
Krishna is hopeful that whatever trash he had written in his answer-sheets will now be covered under this hammer forever as the case could linger on for years

Being a juvenile and accused of minor offences, Krishna was not sent to preventive custody, but the local magistrate asked him to explain his conduct within a month’s time, thus making the whole matter “sub-judice”.

“When I ask him why he didn’t study at all for the exams, he just says – I can’t comment over this, the matter is sub-judice!” Krishna’s father Mohan Chand shared his frustration with Faking News.

Krishna has been steadfastly refusing to answer any of his father’s queries on his conduct in the school even as Mohan Chand has been meeting school authorities to understand what went wrong. Mohan Chand was hugely embarrassed when he saw the Krishna’s Mathematics answer sheet where he had drawn pictures of Angry Birds.

“Who leaked this thing to you?” was the counter question by Krishna when his father demanded to know why he drew cartoons in his answer sheet and scored a zero in the Mathematics paper.

“Did you use RTI to get this paper?” Krishna further asked a baffled and shocked Mohan Chand.

“I can’t comment on this paper. The matter is sub-judice. Let law take its own course,” Krishna said, when his father insisted on an explanation, and went back to watching television.

Mohan Chand is still clueless over the behavior of his son, but sources inform that such changes in Krishna took place after Mohan Chand swapped MTV with NDTV on his television, causing Krishna to get exposed to news and current affairs.

“We suspect that he deliberately caused those physical and mental damages to school property so that the whole issue becomes sub-judice. He appears to be inspired by what he saw on television,” Inspector Manmohan Desai claimed that it was another example of television having bad effect on the younger generation.

“No comments,” Krishna tersely replied when Faking News correspondent asked for his views.