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Student writes only Vande Mataram in exam hoping the person checking answers is a 'Nationalist'

03, Aug 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: A local student who had failed to prepare for his exam has put all his hopes on the nationalism of the person checking his answer sheet. Tinku, the student, has written only Vande Mataram 10 times in the answer sheet and is hoping that it will be enough for him to score full marks in the exam.

Vande Mataram
Pass hone ka Divya Astra!

Along with Vande Mataram, Tinku has also drawn tanks, missiles and fighter jets on the margins of the answer sheet. Busy spending time on social media, Tinku had failed to study for this exam and took this innovative way out to get good marks.

Speaking to Faking News, Tinku said ,”If I had left the answer sheet blank then I was definitely going to fail, at least this way I have a chance to pass. The number of nationalists is rising very quickly in the country in general and particularly in our state of Uttar Pradesh. Hopefully my answer sheet will go to one such person and he will be so impressed with my patriotism that he will give me good marks. No nationalist can fail a student who has written the National Song, can he?”

“Of course I didn’t rely on Vande Mataram alone, I drew tanks, missiles, fighter jets, warships on the margins to boost the nationalism of the evaluator. Boss I am telling you, if a nationalist checks that answer sheet, I am getting 200 out of 100, no doubt about that”, Tinku added.

When we asked Tinku if he is comfortable with passing exams by appealing to nationalism alone, he said ,”Bhai log ye chakkar ghuma ghuma ke mantri-santri ban gaye, hum ek paper bhi na pass karein?”