Wednesday, 19th February, 2020


Students didn't save us from lawyers so we didn't save students from each other: Delhi Police

07, Jan 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Violence erupted in the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi on Sunday as groups of masked people went around beating students up and vandalizing the hostels. While accusations have been traded left and right by the left and the right over who started the violence, and who carried out the attack, everyone is wondering why Delhi Police did not step in to control the situation even though the violence continued for hours. Now, Delhi Police has cleared its stand and explained why they didn’t step in when students were getting beaten up.


Speaking to Faking News, an official spokesperson for Delhi Police said, “College students in Delhi are known for getting involved in fights all the time. Even when a fight is happening on the roadside, they step in and start exchanging blows. Sometimes, they beat up both the drivers involved in an accident to dispense instant justice, since they don’t know who is at fault, they beat up both just to be fair. However, when lawyers were beating us up on the roads of Delhi, none of these students stepped in to help us out. Now why should we help the same students?”

Further, he added, “Of course we can say that we couldn’t enter the University without an invitation from the VC but bhai hum to shaadi me bina invitation ghuste hain, University kya cheez hai? We have already shown in Jamia that we can enter without invitation if we want but here, we had to settle our old scores. Now next time, they will remember to help Delhi Police in beating up the lawyers in this city.”

Meanwhile, several parents were seen taking away their children from the University. When asked for the reason, one of them said, “We just want our child to follow his passion. If he wants to do politics, then he doesn’t need an education, and should follow politics full time.”