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Students quit IITs, to join Idea Mobile’s IIN

21, Dec 2014 By dilfake

New Delhi. A normal guy gets rejected by the IIT, gets dejected and is asked by his father to work in the not-so-lucrative family business. Sounds familiar? Not so familiar from now on. While working at the family business – a bakery, the student studies with the help of the ‘ubiquitous’ Idea’s IIN and then builds a talking drone – which gives him the coveted prize all technical students aim for.

Looking at this mind-boggling success story, the students from the IITs of the country have decided to quit IITs and instead join Idea’s IIN, which stands for Idea’s Internet Network. The diversity and hyper-active way in which students learn has baffled one and all.

Because making flying drones is all engineers aspire to do.
Because making flying drones is all engineers aspire to do.

We had the chance for an interview with one of the toppers of IIT Kharagpur Sarthak Agarwal.

When asked the reason for having quit the IITs and instead go to the coveted IIN, Sarthak said, “How can you even ask that question? Have you even seen the advertisement of IIN? Look at the confidence the small dude exudes. First I had decided to join Imperial College of Engineering from 3 Idiots looking at the flying drone Lobo makes, because making flying drones is everything engineers aspire for. But this student from IIN, who gets rejected from IIT, makes the same drone, but with voice input. That must be the greatest invention at an undergrad level.”

Sarthak continues, “Did you even check out the look on the proud father’s face in the end? My father was never as happy when I made it to the IIT. I want to make him proud. And that can be done only by joining IIN and making a flying-swimming-bathing-talking drone.”

Meanwhile a group of students, who earlier failed in their term exams due to spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook, have approached IIN and demanded a “Bachelors in Social Media” degree from the now top-ranked institute of India.

Sources further tell Faking News that a group of Sunny Leone fans too have approached IIN for a degree in biology.

“Madam Leone gave us the classes on internet, and we learnt a lot,” one such fan claimed.