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Students suspended for showing Project Nirman ad instead of finishing academic project

17, Sep 2013 By ubergypsy

Ahmedabad. Five students belonging to a study group here at IIM were suspended for two weeks after they presented a “Project Nirman” ad in the class instead of the Marketing project PPT that they were expected to present.

The group of second year MBA students was supposed to finish a marketing project that involved marketing research, consumer behavior analysis, creating product matrix, market size prediction, some more gas, and finally coming up with a complete marketing plan for a new product.

But this group of five created a Project Nirman ad, sleekly produced with a good looking girl featuring in the ad (just like the UPA government’s Bharat Nirman ads), and presented it the class, claiming they had done the work.

“Such kind of indiscipline, stupidity, and academic dishonesty can’t be tolerated. We have strict and high standards,” Prof. Jain, the professor who recommended suspension of the students told Faking News.

Pirya from Bharat Nirman
There was no girl in the study group, yet the suspended students went ahead and involved one in the project.

However, the group of students maintains that what they did was the best marketing job ever done.

“There are a lot of similarities between the Bharat Nirman process and the process of completing an MBA academic project,” Rahul Meena, one of the suspended students explained why they took the Bharat Nirman route.

“Facts and data presented before the viewers and readers are highly researched and reliable in these ads and students’ reports and PPTs. One can blindly believe them,” Rahul said with a straight face.

“There is no exaggeration of actual work done either by the UPA government or the MBA students. Ads and project reports both reflect the true endeavors in all aspects,” he claimed.

“There is no plagiarism either in Bharat Nirman ads or in project reports prepared. As UPA ads are not influenced by NDA’s India Shining campaign, students’ reports are never inspired by any Slideshare or Wikipedia article,” Rahul went on to enumerate similarities between Bharat Nirman and Project Nirman.

Rahul further pointed out that just as Bharat Nirman ad showcases work done by UPA over 10 years of regime, and not just a few months before the elections, reports and PPTs by MBA students reflect the hard work of entire trimester, and not just the night before the submission deadline.

“The latest Bharat Nirman ads show benefit of Street Vendors bill and Real Estate bill, which have not even been discussed in the Parliament. Similarly MBA project reports contain conversation with consumers who don’t even exist,” the MBA student explained.

“Therefore making a Bharat Nirman type ad is similar to finishing an MBA project work. That’s what we did. It’s unfair to suspend us!” Rahul protested.

Rahul has received support from various MBA students across India who have demanded replacing all MBA projects with “Project Nirman” campaigns.

“If the government can get votes based on ads, we should also get credits based on our Project Nirman ads,” Mukesh, a student from FMS, Delhi said.

“The teachers should chill. Ho raha project nirman,” he added.

These students have written to the Prime Minister o give academic recognition to Project Nirman ads and help students get MBA degrees after creating Project Nirman ads. Sources tell Faking News that the government is considering the demand favorably as it’s desperate to reach out to the young voters.

Meanwhile IT companies in Bangalore have warned their employees not to send any Project Nirman ads to offshore clients.