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Students to set CBSE question papers and also evaluate answer scripts in future

19, Mar 2016 By MRP

New Delhi: Following the uproar over the CBSE XII Standard Mathematics question paper allegedly being tough, the CBSE board has taken a decision that henceforth all CBSE question papers shall be set by students themselves.

Harassed students and parents protesting against the tough CBSE maths question paper
Harassed students and parents protesting against the tough CBSE maths question paper

An official of the board had this to say. “This has become a routine matter now. It happened last year, the uproar that the maths paper was tough. We reluctantly conceded to the demand that the evaluation of answer papers be lenient. It is happening again. This time, there have been online petitions, discussion in parliament, ministers getting involved. We want to put an end to this once for all. So, we have decided to ask the students to set the paper themselves in future.”

The board officials held a meeting with the representatives of the affected students and their parents, earlier today. Asked for details, an official elaborated, “We are with the students. We want them to make them feel comfortable. We don’t want to ruin their education, career and future, as some of the parents fear will happen. So, let them set the questions themselves. Technology permitting, we will allow each student to set his or her own question paper and solve them.”

While some of the representatives were happy, one parent got furious. “This is ridiculous. This will only help my second son who will take the exam three years down the line. What about my first son who took the exam this time. How will you deliver justice to him?” he challenged.

Another parent joined him in support saying, “Absolutely! I don’t even have a second child. We want justice now!”

The board officials took a break, came back and announced. “We are happy to inform that, in order to deliver justice to the harassed students, for this year alone, we will allow the students to evaluate their own answer scripts and assign marks themselves. We only request them to not assign more than 100 marks. If everyone is happy with this arrangement, we will do this every year.”

While most students and parents were happy this time around, someone was heard murmuring, “This is unfair. Everyone will get maximum marks. What about students from reservation categories? They will only get as much as the others, at best. And not more. Then what is the meaning of reservation. It is useless.”

The mother of another student was seen warning the board officials, “My daughter deserves a high score. If you don’t implement what you have committed, we will start an agitation. We won’t hesitate to approach the courts at all. Even the International Court of Justice for that matter, or the Human Rights Commission or take it to JNU.”