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Students urge Smriti Irani to retain German, instead replace Maths with Sanskrit

17, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. HRD minister Smriti Irani’s decision to replace German with Sanskrit as third language in Kendriya Vidyalas seems to have not gone down well with many students and their parents.

While they are fine with Sanskrit being introduced in curriculum, they are upset with it replacing German and claim such a decision could affect their overall percentages and grades.

Smriti thinking over it.
Smriti thinking over it.

These students along with their parents are therefore urging Smriti to reconsider her decision and instead replace Mathematics, History or similar tough subjects with Sanskrit.

“German was the only subject whose paper my son would look forward to. In fact from an embarrassing 60s, his percentage would soar to respectable 70s thanks to the European language,” a parent explained how German has been a boon to parents like him, when it comes to facing anxious relatives after announcement of results.

“And I am not saying that Sanskrit doesn’t fetch you marks, but it is a pointless exercise with end benefit zero if you are replacing it with an already high scoring German,” the parent added.

Parents further feel that the debate over third language in schools is needless and the time is right to have a concept of fourth language in schools.

“Let’s have German and Sanskrit both and maybe even French, even if it has to be at expense of Mathematics or Science. It’s painful to see my daughter always being few marks short of Singhal sahab’s daughter next door,” another parent argued.

“Well if you are saying that German and Sanskrit is not useful in long run, tell me one instance where algebraic concepts have come to your rescue in your career,” another parent shot back when asked how these languages could benefit the child more than Mathematics in long run.

Meanwhile Jihadist group ISIS has asked Smriti Irani to forget both Sanskrit and German and instead introduce Arabic in schools as they are soon going to rule the entire world including India.