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We study a day before exams, Pariksha Pe Charcha doesn't help, please tell us about Pariksha Mein Charcha: Engineering students request PM Modi

29, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

A group of engineering students from a local college in the city have requested PM Modi to have a discussion on Pariksha Mein Charcha similar to the Pariksha Pe Charcha with students in India and abroad.


According to the group, most engineering students open the their notes a day before the exams leaving them very little time to have any discussion on how to study. The only discussion that they have is on which chapters to leave and which ones to mug up.

A report by an independent agency states that on the eve of the exams around 75% of engineering students are found outside the neighborhood xerox shop. This data lends credence to the fact that most study just hours before they write the paper.

Pariksha Mein Charcha, which students say is a way to discuss answers inside the examination hall would be a better starting point to deal with exam related pressure.

“Not everyone comes well prepared for exams. A little help from the studious ones could help the others to get a decent score too. That is why we want a charcha during exams,” said a third year mechanical engineering student.

Some even advocated the use of technology while appearing for exams. Sharing answers on Whatsapp was one such idea shared by a student.

Ministry of HRD however shot down the idea and even called the preposterous. “The charcha that these students are referring to is nothing but copying. This is not what the PM meant. He said Pariksha Pe and not Pariksha Mein. I think these students are related to opposition parties like the Mahagatbandhan. They just want to trivialize Modji’s message to the students,” said HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar.