Stunned by India’s aerial strikes Pak dismantles all terror camps, terrorists will henceforth be trained on PUBG

26, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rattled by India’s strike on terror camps, Pak has now dismantled all terror camps close to the border. According to sources, Pak has incurred significant financial loss due to India’s aggression and will henceforth train all terrorists on PUBG.

PUBG to be used to train terrorists
Now used for training purpose

The widely popular online multiplayer game will now be used instead of training camps. The decision was taken by Chiefs of major terrorists organization that included Masood Azhar and Haafiz Saeed in consultation with senior Army officials.

“Yes, that is true. We don’t want any more casualties. The Indian air strike destroyed the ammunition dump at Balakot. How will our terrorists train without ammunition? So we have decided that from now all our recruits will train on PUBG,” revealed an insider.

Apparently, smartphones pre-installed with PUBG have already been handed over to around 200 new recruits. And the training is believed to commence any time soon.

Sources reveal that the latest training strategy is also targeted at minimizing Pak military spend. “If this PUBG things works then it is highly probable that Pak army too could be trained on PUBG. At present our military budget is stretched and we can’t spend too much on ammunition,” said a high ranking Pak army officer.

Taking cognizance of Pakistan’s revamped training plans, India said that it was prepared for any eventuality.

PM  Modi did not hold himself back from saying that India was ready to retaliate in any form be it online or offline . When questioned about Pak’s latest strategy to use multiplayer games to train terrorists, PM casually laughed and asked, “Yeh PUBG wala hai kya?”