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Summer intern already thinking how to continue relationship with the HR girl

30, Apr 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After two weeks of his summer internship, Ramesh Nigam, an MBA student from a leading b-school of India, is very busy planning how will he continue the friendship he believes he has managed to strike with the good looking girl in the Human Resources department of the company he’s interneting interning at. Ramesh is sure that Sukriti, the HR girl, will be his ‘confirmed’ girlfriend by the time he finishes his internship.

“We follow each other on Twitter and she’s also on my Facebook friend list,” a visibly satisfied-with-his-internship-progress Ramesh said, “Apart from that I joined her at least thrice in the canteen for lunch or snacks in the last two days itself. Not an easy thing to do especially when I have an engineering background.”

Office flirting
Ramesh’s idea of corporate life

Ramesh, who is supposed to finish a market research survey as part of his internship and come up with suggestions based on that survey on how to re-package and re-sell an old product of the company, is yet to compose or compile a survey questionnaire.

“There are still six weeks to go,” Ramesh confidently allayed the fears of him being unable to deliver on his summer job. However, he wished he had a couple of more weeks to take out Sukriti for movies and other stuff.

“I spotted her late as I was interning in the sales department,” he rued as he recalled the days spent in the last two weeks.

Ramesh has already researched online and talked to a couple of his batchmates on how to raise and sustain a long term relationship. He had even made a PowerPoint presentation for himself, which included a slide showing ‘signing up on online shopping and gifting websites’ and ‘getting a post-paid mobile sim card’ as bullet points.

“Those are few of the pre-paid expenses that I’ve figured would be helpful in maintaining the relationship,” the MBA student told Faking News, “The rest I’d figure out as my internship progresses. After all, internships are all about practical learning.”

Sukriti was not available for comment as she had gone to see a movie with her boyfriend.