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Summer Intern not asked to do photocopies of documents during his internship, doubts over Company's authenticity

01, Oct 2016 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Rahul Bhatia, an MBA student working as a summer intern in JP Murrugan, has grave doubts over the integrity of the company as his seniors didn’t ask to get photocopies of irrelevant files to keep him occupied during his internship period.

A desperate employee hugging the Xerox machine
A desperate employee hugging the Xerox machine

Over the years, students pursuing professional courses, prefer to join big MNCs to spend good two months at company’s expenses. This pre-honeymoon period of corporate life usually provides them with a piece of paper (Internship Completion Certificate) to decorate their CVs, which is used by them later on during campus placements.

But, for Rahul Bhatia, summer internship didn’t turn as expected.

“My ideas for internship were bit different. The job profile which I had to work into was exactly the same as specified by the company in its presentation. It’s not a good market practice as I have seen many cases were job description mentioned in offer letter is completely opposite to the work one has to do at the desk. I had the same belief,” said Rahul while sharing his grief with our Reporter.

He further said, “Instead of analyzing financials for investment and trading purpose as told by the HR in presentation, I was expecting that I would be playing a role of office boy and would be doing chores like serving tea or coffee to clients, solving hardware problems and using photocopy machine at frequent intervals. But nothing like this happened.”

“My college authorities told me to take care of monthly stipend and photocopier machine. Though the stipend was as expected (way lesser than the monthly take home of Ola & Uber Driver), the nature of work was a shocker to me. I actually had deliverables. You’ll hardly see any intern who hasn’t done any photocopies. The company has wasted my time and ruined my Internship career. My friends who interned from other companies now laugh at me,” he added.

“I had a warm welcome but exit was cold,” said Rahul in a sour tone.

It has been leant that college from which Rahul is pursuing his MBA has blacklisted the company for further recruitment until it doesn’t correct its fair malpractices and starts exploiting summer interns to make them do photocopies of totally irrelevant documents.