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Summer intern successfully activates all dead online profiles

04, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Ravi Raman, an MBA student from one of the leading b-schools of India, has claimed to have reactivated all his dead online profiles on social networking websites like Orkut, BigAdda, and even Ibibo, after he found out that this was the best way to make use of his summer internship period. 21-year-old Ravi has thanked his project guide for the valuable support, without which he would have been stuck with websites like Facebook and Twitter.

“If he were not so clueless about the objectives and deliverables of my summer project, I think I’d have never discovered the Orkut scrap Nisha sent me on my birthday two months back,” Ravi said, referring to his project guide Triveni Prasad, VP Marketing of Falcon Industries Private Limited.

Ravi, soon to be a second-year MBA student of IIM Lucknow, found no time to socialize on various websites as he found the academic pressure of the first year too much to handle. Facebook and Twitter was all he could salvage among the dozen odd social networking profiles that he used to manage in his pre-MBA days.

Employee accessing facebook in office
Ravi is seen here working on his project

But things changed once he started his summer internship three weeks back.

“I was excited as my project involved making a strategic marketing plan for Falcon Industries that would help it enter the competitive markets in the Sub-Saharan Africa,” Ravi informs, “I had researched a lot on African consumers and the industry products when I came here but my project guide asked me check one of his PPTs for any spelling mistakes as my first assignment.”

Ravi soon found out that his guide, Triveni Prasad, had no idea about his original project scope, which was communicated to him in a mail from the HR department of Falcon Industries. In fact, Mr. Prasad told him that the company had no immediate plans for any international expansion.

“For the first few days, he did ask me to undertake small assignments like PPT spell-check and googling print advertisements that had falcons or eagles in it, but soon he stopped communicating with me altogether,” Ravi recalls, “That’s when I explored my spam box and found that many of my friends were waiting for me on WAYN, Zorpia, and Quepasa.”

The mails gave him a new found reason and vigor to come to his summer workplace, Ravi claims. Soon he used his pre-MBA engineering skills of bypassing office proxy and successfully activated all his dormant social networking profiles, besides starting three fake profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

“Well, it’s been not so bad after all,” Ravi reflected on his summer internship learning that comes to an end in a couple of weeks, “I have got back in touch with Nisha, made new friends, and abused Uday Chopra on Twitter. Triveni Sir had been a wonderful guide.”