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Sunny Deol to contest from Gurudapur for BJP, promises to replace all hand pumps in his constituency with electric pumps

23, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has joined the BJP and will be contesting from Gurdaspur in Punjab. While speaking to the media from BJP headquarters in Delhi the actor said, “I am happy to be part of the BJP and will do everything possible to develop my constituency. More specifically if I win, foremost on my list would be replacing all the hand pumps in Gurdaspur with electric pumps.”


While elaborating on  his plan to develop his constituency, Sunny replied, “I will uproot each and every hand pump with my bare hands. People of Gurdaspur should trust my dhai kilo ka haath.

Sunny said that he had expertise in dealing with hand pumps as seen in the movie Gadar and will ensure that the people of Gurdaspur get electric pumps within 100 days of winning the elections.

Though the residents of Gurdaspur were happy with Sunny’s poll promise, a few seemed sceptical. “I vaguely remember someone say promising something similar in 100 days. It’s been 5 years but no word about it now. I am not sure if Sunny paaji would keep his promise,” remarked a resident.

BJP however was confident that Sunny would be be an asset to the party. “Who can forget his ‘tareekh pe tareekh‘ dialogue from Damini. We need people like him for judicial reforms. And also his monologue from Border after Mathuradass is all set to go home after his leave application is accepted. That could come handy to motivate the troops,” said Nirmala Sitharam.

Meanwhile, in Gurdaspur there was palpable excitement after local party workers hinted at Sunny visiting the Punjab for campaigning. Crowds had already gathered at local BJP office to catch a glimpse of Sunny. They were however left disappointed after locals were told that it was Sunny Deol and not Sunny Leone.