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'I support Jallikattu', a new born baby speaks her first words in chennai

23, Jan 2017 By RT

Chennai: A hospital in the city witnessed a medical miracle when a new born baby spoke her first words on the third day after taking birth. The first day, the child was mostly crying and on the second day too, the crying continued. But, on the third day, she spoke her first words. The first word was not Amma or Chinnamma to the disappointment of many AIADMK supporters. The little girl said, ‘I support Jallikattu!’, it was learnt by Faking News.

Now infants support it as well!

The city of Chennai is not new to miracles. However, a miracle in which a new born baby talks on the third day is something huge, even for Chennai. This video, a new born baby miraculously speaking on Jallikattu has gone viral on social media as expected.

“My daughter mostly cried for the first two days and kept us awake the whole night like any normal child. On the third day, we noticed the change of pattern in her crying. It was almost like the child wanted to say something and not just cry. Me and my wife were waiting to hear our names from her mouth but then the child slowly spoke the first word as Jallikattu. Before the end of the day, my daughter spoke the complete sentence, ‘I support Jallikattu’. We are all very proud”, the proud father told Faking News.

For the last few days, unprecedented display of support was exhibited for the bull taming sport of Jallikattu. From Chennai to Kanyakumari, all the students of all the colleges went out of classrooms to the streets, chanting support for Jallikattu. Any actor worth of even a little salt, created twitter  accounts and voiced out his support. As per Doctors, the child must have heard it so many times since taking birth that she managed to speak this sentence within 3 days.

It is currently reported that, a few political parties have asked for the photograph of the infant to include in their banner supporting Jallikattu calling her their young leader and future voice of Tamil Nadu.