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Supreme Court appoints Lohri panel to frame guidelines for a safe Lohri

13, Jan 2017 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: After appointing Lodha Panel to look into BCCI’s functioning, the Supreme Court has now appointed Lohri Panel to ensure the festival of Lohri is celebrated without any trouble. The Panel has thoroughly studied the importance and process of celebrating this festival before recommending the reforms. 

The Lohri bonfire can’t rise beyond 4 feet and 9 inches

Lohri is a major festival celebrated in North India. Lohri coincides with the festivals of Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Bhogali Bihu, and Bhogi that are celebrated in different parts of India. Since the entire nation is celebrating today. this day becomes very important and that is why Supreme Court appointed Lohri Panel for national security.

A key feature of Lohri Celebration is lighting the bonfire. Since everyone gathers around the bonfire including children, this becomes a risky ritual. Lohri Panel has recommended that everyone should apply SPF 30 Sunscreen lotion on their bodies, to get protection against the heat.

Other than that, there are various recommendations made by the Panel. To avoid accidental fire, consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and deodorants will be prohibited on the day of the festival. One fire extinguisher will be given to each family for free. No member from the fire brigade department can take a holiday on this day.

After the bonfire ritual is conducted, ‘prasad’ is distributed among everyone. It usually includes sweets like Revdi. Some children eat more Revdis than others. Lohri panel will ensure that there is no corruption in the process and each child gets equal number of Revdis.

This year Supreme Court will appoint various panels to deal with irregularities in different sectors. To look into horse racing activities in India, SC will appoint Ghoda Panel; for health related problems due to soft drinks, SC will appoint Soda Panel; and to control the rising number of pests in residential areas, SC will appoint Keeda Makoda Panel.