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Supreme Court asks government to distribute rotting bureaucrats among startups

07, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked the Supreme Court of India to keep away from policy matters such as distribution of food grains among the poor, the apex court has come up with another order that concerns policy formation. A two-member division bench of the court has asked the government to distribute the idle and jobless bureaucrats lying in various government departments to various business startups in the country for free.

“There are hundreds of thousands of youths who have decided to shape their own future and career by staring their own small businesses. A hopelessly large number of them are struggling due to lack of resources – financial as well as human – whereas most of the government departments are overstaffed and overpaid. The government should distribute these perishing officials among startups.” the court order read.

Supreme Court of India
Although government officials are believed to work for some big corporate houses under table, the apex court has now asked them to work officially for the private sector

The court ruling came during a case involving bankruptcy of a nine-months-old technology startup named Golden Silence Limited, which was founded by a student of IIT Bombay to produce and market child silencers for multiplexes.

“My product was innovative and there was a distinct market for it, but I could never get to selling it. I was busy working on the technological innovations and could never hire a sales guy.” Raju Rastogi, the now-bankrupt founder of the company said, “Though I’m not sure how a government official could have helped the situation; maybe they’d have delayed the bankruptcy time, or maybe would have sold the product to the PSUs, or to the CWG organizing committee?”

Like Raju, most of the young entrepreneurs across the country had mixed reactions to the ruling, even as the Prime Minister’s Office refused to comment over the development.

“No, I don’t want a sweater-knitting employee, even for free.” said Manoj Gupta, a 2008 batch MBA from IIM Bangalore and Founder-CEO of Glittering Minds Consulting Private Limited.

“But we can always show a bigger team to our prospective clients, no? It’s not that bad after all.” thought Asif, business partner of Manoj, before realizing, “But they could initiate strikes and hartal, ummm, maybe we are better off without them.”

But Entrepreneurs like Avinash Singh of IIT Kanpur, who had developed a gadget to help Mayawati’s statues join twitter, feels that the court order would help him and others planning to do business with governments immensely, because only a bureaucrat could tell the best way to extract money from the government coffers.