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Supreme Court to hear petition to limit the number of 'Kaju Katlis' one can eat on Diwali

09, Oct 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After banning firecrackers in Delhi-NCR region, Supreme Court of India is set to hear another petition related to the festival of Diwali. The PIL filed by Mr Bina Baat Chaudhary asks Supreme Court to limit the number of Kaju Katlis that can be consumed by one person during the festival of Diwali. Supreme Court is set to hear the petition tomorrow and decide the limit of Kaju Katlis. -kaju-katli-shree-mithai-

Explaining the reasons behind this PIL, Mr. BBC said ,”India is the diabetes capital of the world, we have more people suffering from diabetes than any other country. With out of control consumption of all these Kaju Katlis during Diwali, this situation can become even worse. As it is, our healthcare infrastructure is very weak, it can’t handle the existing number of diabetic patients, any addition can result in a total collapse and may cause anarchy in the country.”

“I would have filed this PIL earlier but I had no idea that Supreme Court can tell people how to celebrate festivals. Now after their intervention in Dahi-Handi and Diwali crackers, I got the confidence to file this PIL and I am sure we will get a favorable verdict. I am hoping to get a limit of 1/4th of a Kaju Katli from the Supreme Court. The honorable Court will hopefully also define the dimensions of the sweet so that there is no cheating”, Mr. BBC added.

When we asked if such an order can be implemented, he said ,”Implementation is not my headache, I just want the best possible laws for this country.”

Meanwhile, as per sources, another leading NGO is planning to file a PIL to limit the consumption of ‘Poori-Chhole’ as well during Diwali as heavy consumption of these items also causes a lot of air pollution.