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Supreme Court set to ban Haldiram's Nut cracker in Delhi NCR during Diwali

10, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

NEW DELHI: On Monday, The Supreme Court imposed a ban on sale of firecrackers in NCR during Diwali which happens to be on October 19. The ban is imposed in view of increasing pollution caused by smoke and chemicals released into the air. People started outraging soon after the news broke and SC dropped another bomb saying sale of Haldiram’s nut cracker will also be banned.

SC has given justification that it has cracker in it and gives a mind “blasting” taste. SC in its circular said anything that has cracker in its name and has a blasting effect will be prohibited.

Though the decision was taken to control the pollution level of the capital but people have made it a communal issue. Many people on social media asked, “Why ban is only during Hindu festival and not on New Year?”. SC in its order said though it cannot be confirmed with any great degree of certainty that the extremely poor quality of air in Delhi in November and December 2016 was the result only of bursting fireworks around Diwali but even then the contribution of the bursting of fireworks cannot be ignored.

Like any other news, even this news became a political agenda and spokespersons of various political parties started giving their opinions. Congress’ spokesperson Priyanka NotChaturvedi said, “If at this rate nuts are banned, Rahul Gandhi may get banned too.”

AAP spokesperson Ashutosh said, “If government is intended to ban everything that has crack in it then why not Crack cream?”. “Ban is not the solution,” he added.

RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat accused SC of being biased and questioned SC “Why SC is targeting only Hindu festivals? 1st they put restriction on Dahi Handi pyramid height, then they banned Jali Kattu and now they don’t want us to celebrate Diwali”

Debate on whether crackers be banned has now turned political and religious but it points out our thinking that we are questioning SC’s decision, which is only to make our life and environment better.