Supreme Court takes note of Delhi-Noida road blocked by protesters, asks protesters if they can block all roads from Noida

14, Jan 2020 By Sandeep Kadian
New Delhi: Since Mid-December, the protesters at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi have kept the Delhi-Noida road blocked while protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Due to a major road’s closure, Noida-Delhi travel has become a nightmare with traffic jams across the other routes that have become overcrowded now. With Lakhs of citizens complaining about it, Supreme Court of India has finally taken a note of it and asked the protesters if they can block all roads coming from Noida to Delhi.
Speaking to Faking News, a senior Supreme Court judge said ,”For the past few weeks, we were hearing complaints about traffic jams in Delhi but we thought it is the usual stupid Delhi drivers creating a traffic jam on an empty road by getting into an accident and initiating a fight. However, we have been informed that the traffic jams now are because of this long protest at Shaheen Bagh that has blocked Delhi-Noida road. Now that has given us an idea, how about blocking all Delhi-Noida roads?”
“There is nothing wrong with Noida people per se, but they are just so aggressive and angry all the time, aren’t they? Maybe if we kept them out, the net anger index of Delhi will come down quite a bit. The roads will see less number of vehicles overall, so even with blocked roads, traffic will be smoother, we can reduce pollution, it is a good idea on so many fronts”, he further added.
When asked if Supreme Court is going to hear CAA petitions soon to give a conclusive verdict and resolve the debate around constitutional validity of the act, he said ,”Yes, yes, we are going to hear the case on a fast-track basis so within 30-35 years, you will have a verdict on the constitutional status of the act.”
Meanwhile, a group of South Delhi youngsters has asked the protesters to block the road from Jamna paar as well.