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Supreme Court to use dice to prioritize court cases

27, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

A few days back while hearing an important case, the Supreme Court of India pointed out that feeding birds on the balcony is an activity that cannot be permitted since it creates a nuisance for the other residents of a complex through bird droppings and filth. Soon after the SC’s verdict was announced, political parties stirred up a political debate around it.


The ruling party leaders accused SC of not being serious regarding the hearing of the long pending Ram Mandir case, which could prove to be a game changer in upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The opposition leaders however were seen targeting Modi government for interfering in SC’s work.

Meanwhile, a sting operation conducted by an independent media house exposed SC’s modus operandi, which has the potential to shake the nation to its core. A sting operation conducted by the investigative journalists of the Faking News team spoke to a senior judge of SC over a few rounds of free drinks. After a couple of drinks, the judge admitted that they don’t have any criteria to prioritize the cases for hearing and often resort to the “throw dice” method to choose the case to hear. Upon enquiring on how the Ram Mandir never got a chance even through the dice system, the judge replied “In case of Ram Mandir, we have marked it as a 6 on the dice and as you know the rules, every time the dice shows 6, we get one more chance to roll the dice!”

The dice system is an ingenious method devised to tackle cases that are pending in front of the Apex Court. If sources are to be believed, the Indian judiciary is planning to extend the scope of usage of die by replacing judges with die too. More on this awaited.