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After Suresh Kalmadi is made the life President of IOA, Vijay Mallya is named the life Governor of RBI

29, Dec 2016 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: A day after Suresh Kalmadi was made the Life President of Indian Olympic Association, Vijay Mallya is named the Life Governor of Reserve Bank of India. Vijay Mallya will have a long distance working relationship with RBI since he is presently based in England.

Good times have come!

Incumbent RBI governor Urijit Patel has been heavily criticized over the last few days for frequently changing the norms of demonetization. Modi promised ‘Achhe Din’ (Good Days) to the citizens of India. But people have suffered a lot due to demonetization. To bring Good Days back in the economy, Modi has chosen the King of Good Times.

“This decision is taken after a lot of thinking”, a government official told Faking News, “Vijay Mallya has been a defaulter in many banks as he failed to repay his loan. As we know, failure is the stepping stone of success. Mallya’s experience will come very handy in forming RBI policies to reduce defaulters in all banks across India.”

The other candidate that the Government considered for the post of RBI Governor was Sahara’s chief Subrata Roy. Since he is in jail, communication with him would have been difficult. Therefore Mallya was chosen, as he could easily communicate using Skype.

Opposition parties have accused the Government of corruption in making this decision. Senior Congress leader and ex-finance minister P. Chidambaram said, “Vijay Mallya was supplying free alcohol to everyone in the RBI and the Government. That’s why they were making such weird decisions everyday in last 50 days. Now the Government is rewarding Mallya by making him the RBI Governor.”

If sources are to be believed, Hardik Pandya will be named the next captain of Indian cricket team; Baba Ramdev will be declared as the President of Doctors’ association and Anna Hazare will be the head of National Restaurateurs Association.