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Suresh Kalmadi to organize world class flash mob at Tihar jail

26, Dec 2011 By Mouthful

New Delhi. Suresh Kalmadi has got a chance to redeem himself and Delhi, which has been trying to outdo Mumbai in organizing flash mobs ever since CST railway station organized one.

The beaming jailer of Tihar jail today announced that to keep pace with other institutions, Tihar jail has decided to go for its own ‘flash mob’, ably organized by its VIP inmates under the chairmanship of Suresh Kalmadi.

“We were under a lot of pressure after Anna Hazare decided to shift his fast to Mumbai,” jailer Dinanath Chauhan explained the need to have a flash mob for the jail and the capital city, “After we had arrested Anna last time, we had a huge flash mob outside the jail, but we were disappointed when Anna decided to shift the venue to Mumbai. Seems we lost the host status after CST released their own flash mob video.”

Suresh Kalmadi
Suresh Kalmadi thinking about some dance steps

“We must do it for Delhi,” he said.

When cross-questioned over the skills of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi in pricing even normal toilet-wraps at unhealthily high prices, Dinanath responded, “But there are enough checks and balances to that. He is being paired with A Raja, who has the counter-skill to keep the prices as low as possible.”

“In the end, it would even out, you would see. In fact, with a little help from Kapil Sibal sir, we can even have prices as low as zero,” he added.

Apart from assisting Kalmadi in preparations, Mr. Raja will perform additional task of setting up 3G video streaming of the flash mob performance. “No, he has been debarred from consulting Chidambaram over the task and has to rely on his own competence,” Dinanath informed.

He grinned when asked who would kick off the dance steps, “Why? Lalit Bhanot is our choreographer. He is a good learner and we have allowed him to watch some Mithunda’s movies to gather some groovy steps. Earlier, we decided to hand him Madhuri’s CDs but then we switched to Mithun as we have more of male prisoners.”

Jail sources (our journalists jailed for writing offensive stuff on internet) suggest that Manu Sharma has donated 50 lakh rupees for organizing this flash mob. As a token of appreciation for this charitable act, jail authorities have decided not to have any song from the movie “Nobody Killed Jessica” for the flash mob.