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Suresh Prabhu invites Sonu Nigam to sing over the railway public address system

05, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Jet Airways may have suspended its cabin crew for allowing Sonu Nigam over the public address system but that has not stopped Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu from inviting the bollywood singer to sing over the  public address system at railway stations.

Suresh Prabu is all smiles at his own ingenuity
Suresh Prabu is all smiles at his own ingenuity

Suresh Prabhu tweeted the invitation after the news of cabin crew suspension went viral on social media.

Mr. Prabhu, who is know for his quick response on twitter said that he has received many complaints about the public announcement system at railway station. Speaking at a press conference he said, “Many passengers wrote to me saying that the announcements at railway station are hard to understand. We addressed it by asking announcers to refrain from eating paan-gutkha while making announcements. We also got Bose speakers at railway stations . Now we are looking at going a step further, so we have asked Sonuji to sing at railway station.”

Sources say that the Railway Minister has ambitious plans to ‘upgrade’ passenger service.  “When tourists think of railway, all that comes to their mind is stinking toilet, touts, unhygienic food and so on. Now all that will change. We will soon introduce ‘in-toilet’ entertainment for passengers and the playlist will have all popular songs of Sonu Nigam. All such services will be announced when we present the Railway Budget,” he added.

It is not yet clear if the bollywood singer has accepted the offer, but opposition leaders are already out with their daggers.

“We will stage a walk out if the Railway Minister presents such a budget. And why does he need Sonu Nigam when there are so many politicians who have melodious voices. Mr. Kabil Sibal is well known for his poetry. Why the Railway Minister has not approached him? This is a clear case of discrimination,” said a senior leader of the Congress Party.