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Survey: Salman Khan's lawyer becomes India's most desirable man

19, Jan 2017 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: India has voted and the ‘Most Desirable Man of 2017′ has been chosen. It is none other than Salman Khan’s lawyer Mr. Shyaam Jhoothmalani. About 5 million (unique) votes received on Faking News’ online poll decided the winner. The list of options also included men from Bollywood and Cricket among others but Salman’s lawyer beat everyone else.

Vakeel Ho To Aisa

Shyaam loves to fight and win cases. He is often called the Virat Kohli of the courtroom. He can make you win, even when all odds are against you. It wasn’t a surprise that Jhoothmalani emerged as the numero uno on this list that compiles India’s most desirable men. Who doesn’t want a man that can get you out of trouble, no matter how grave it is?

Jhoothmalani has won two cases for Saman Khan – The Blackbuck Shooting case and The Hit and Run case. The cases ran over 19 and 14 years respectively with numerous court hearings. Jhoothmalani charges Rs. 50 lacs per day of his work at the court. His current net worth is $ 198 million, just below Salman Khan’s net worth of $ 200 million.

“I am thrilled that I am considered the Most Desirable Man in India”, said the excited lawyer. “I feel immensely proud and hope that I can be an inspiration to many budding criminal lawyers in India.”

We spoke to Miss Maali-knee, who is widely regarded as India’s first and most famous celebrity blogger. She said, “Gone are the days when men with good looks were the most desirable. Women now want a man who can get things done. Shyaam is one such man. He is the heart-throb of young and fearless Indians.”

Other lawyers who made it to the list of India’s most desirable men were Sooraj Pancholi’s lawyer and Suresh Kalmadi’s lawyer; while Sanjay Dutt’s lawyer was voted as India’s Most Undesirable man.