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Sutta seller offers free cigarettes to techies who got 5% hike after toiling 16 hrs a day

10, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Though many IT companies have forgotten to ‘acknowledge’ the hard work their engineers put in throughout the year, there is still some hope as we witnessed in front of Manyata tech Park.


Daya, the cigarette seller sitting outside the Manyata tech park for last ten years was found offering free ‘cigarettes’ to techies who were promised moon in last one year and at the end got a meagre 5% hike.

Bahot naa insaafi hai yeh. I see these ‘poor’ techies slogging for sixteen hours a day, coming to office on national holidays like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti. Milta kya hai unko. Ghanta”, said Daya pointing to smart android watches many techies wear now days.

When we asked Daya how you are offering ‘free’ cigarettes considering there is not much margin in this business, he said, “Sir, mujhe margin ke barein mein jyada pata nahin hai. This is what big IT companies talk as I read in newspapers. They lay off 10% of their work force if their margin falls from 27.03% to 27.01%. I know one thing; these techies are my clients. Due to their support, I am surviving. Whatever little I am doing is to help myself in the long run”.

Explaining this little further, Daya said, “If these de-motivated employees leave the company, company might recruit freshers to improve their ‘margin’. Freshers log itna time office mein spend karenge nahin. To become productive, they will take two years minimum. What will happen to my business”.

When we looked bemused looking at Daya’s impressive knowledge. He said, “Sir, before opening this stall I was a techie in this IT park only. One day fought with manager and left the job. Here I am, on my own”.

Daya’s free cigarettes offer is not for manager or above positions. When we asked him, how he will know who is manager or not. “Sir, tummy size se pata chal hi jaata hai kiss ko kitna experience hai IT sector mein”, said Daya.