Suttawalah asks techies, clear my dues, otherwise I’ll give you only e-cigarettes

20, Sep 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash, owner of a small chai-sutta shop in front of Manyata tech park sees a silver lining on the new ordinance that puts heavy fines on users of e-cigarettes. Apart from increasing his cigarette sales volume, Prakash feels he can use the ordinance to threaten techies who do not pay his dues on time.


“Sir, EMI for home loan, personal loan, credit card, marriage loan, everything these techies pay on time. Kyon ki unka CIBIL score kharap ho jayega. Mere paisa dene ke barein koi sochata bhi nahin”, said Prakash while speaking to us. “There are guys who have not paid me for last six months. How I’ll manage my business in this kind of downturn,” asked Prakash.

After FM’s announcement, Prakash was found telling the techies, “Clear my dues in this week, otherwise take these e-cigarettes at your own risk”. Prakash knows no one will dare to touch e-cigarettes now considering few traffic police stands next to his shop every day. 

“There are techies who leave this campus for better career prospects. But do not care to clear my dues. Yeh toh gunah hai”, added Prakash. “iPhone every three months these techies will upgrade, never understand why they don’t settle my dues. Day and night, sun or rain I supported them keeping this shop open”.

Meanwhile there are news coming from our sources, Finance ministry is planning to put three times penalty on millennials if they were found smoking e-cigarettes inside OLA and Uber. “Iss ko bolte hain, eak teer se do shikar. It will improve heath of e-cigarette users as well as auto mobile sector as more and more millennials will buy their own vehicles to smoke at their privacy”, said a NITI Aayog official.