Sunday, 29th March, 2020


Taj Mahal is great, maybe the guy who built it can help me build the Mexico border wall: Trump 

24, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Overwhelmed and impressed with the Taj Mahal, Trump has asked for the ‘name of the guy’ who built the monument. While strolling in the precinct on the monument, Trump got himself i mmersed in the history of the Taj Mahal and even asked for the architect of the Taj to help him build the Mexico border wall.

U.S. President Donald Trump visits India

Sources say that Trump was so impressed that he went about inquiring about Shahjahan. The First Lady Melania, thinking that Trump would build a similar monument for her, looked visibly happy. However, the US President later clarified that he had the Mexico border wall on his mind and not a ‘monument of love’ for his wife.

When questioned if a marble wall was necessary when a regular wall would suffice, Trump replied. “If they (Mexico) are paying for the wall, then do we have to worry if the wall is made of marble or just plain brick.”

His obsession with the wall started even before he landed in India. Earlier too, Trump wanted to know if the people who build the wall to hide slums for his visit would travel with him to US and help build the Mexico wall.

Sources say that along with trade deals, there is a possibility of ‘wall deal’ with India as well, but this news has not been confirmed as yet.