Taking cognizance of attacks on doctors, Govt makes martial arts mandatory for MBBS course

23, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Doctors across the country are at the front line of not just fighting the disease but also defending themselves from attacks.

To deal with the issue, Govt has now made martial arts a compulsory part of MBBS study across all colleges in the country.

An official announcement will be shared by the Health Ministry next week.

Sources say that the idea is to equip doctors with not just knowledge of medicine but also on how to defend themselves if need arises.

Speaking to Faking News, a Health Ministry official said, “This is not the first time doctors have been at the receiving end. But these attacks have to stop now. And martial arts training is the only solution to this. Also for doctors who are currently practicing, we will ensure that they be provided with helmets and bullet proof vests for their safety.”

Many MBBS aspirants welcomed the move and called it a step in the right direction. “We can only save a patient if we manage to save our lives. In fact, even before this announcement was made

The Health Ministry has allocated a huge chunk of its budget to train MBBS students from next academic year onward.

There were some who thought that this overreaction was unnecessary for some isolated cases of attacks.

“I think Govt should not spend money on training MBBS students. There is a cost effective way of doing it. Just send them as contestants on that MTV Roadies show. They will get used to getting beaten up,” remarked a Professor working at a reputed Medical Institute.