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Talented photographer without a beard and long hair rejected outright from a photography bee

24, May 2015 By Akash

New Delhi. One may not agree with the quote, Every profession has its own look, especially arty ones, but that just has been proven true in a photography competition in the capital. Reportedly, Naman Joshie has not been permitted to take part in “Annual Photography Bee” when he entered there without a beard and long hair.

Talking of Faking News anguished Naman conformed this saying, “I was literally taken aback by the decision of the organizers.I don’t believe that every profession has a look of it. Just because few great photographers initially carried a particular look doesn’t mean that the particular art society will follow the same. If one feels like having a beard or long hair then one can, but pre-judging on the basis of looks is embarrassing. They just rejected me and din’t let me take part in the competition as I entered there without the so called looks of photographers. They din’t even look at my work. Just rejected me outright. What’s looks got to do with camera. I just don’t get it.”

Look of a super talented photographer
Look of a super talented photographer

This news has resulted into various reactions from people of different societies of arts, like painters, writers and photographers. Surprisingly, except few, most of them have supported the action taken by the competition organizers.

“One has got to be in the looks of the profession he is in.And we the ones who are into arts need to be more cautious about it. If Naman has done that he must pay the price,” a painter(wearing long kurta-jhola combination) said.

A famous Rock band member, Rocky, has also supported the organizers. Talking to Faking News he said, “Dude, Naman has paid the price of his deeds. Look at me.” he said and continued, ” What you think these long curly hair and french beard of mine is natural? No, they are not. I carry this look because my profession demands it. You wouldn’t have seen me in this famous band had I not carried this look. So, Naman must learn and soon attain the get up which his profession demands. That’s the only way to make it big.”

But few have come up in support of Naman and criticized this move by the competition organizers. Raj, a photographer cum columnist who also wrote a column on this issue has said, “The one in arts need to move on now. They no more need to be pretentious with such looks. This obsession of looks for a profession is in a way hurting the art itself. I have myself witnessed many rookie photographers making big just because they carry a beard and large hair. Why should talented people pay the price of it.”

Reportedly, Naman has lodged a complaint against the organizers in Cannaught Place police station.

Meanwhile, Congress has accused Modi for this prejudice against Naman and demanded Mr. Modi to apologize to all photography community.