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TamilRockers to leak election results online before final counting, say Lok Sabha elections no lesser than any movie

26, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Online piracy website TamilRockers today announced that it will release release the results of Lok Sabha elections before the final counting on May 23rd. The site just recently shared the pirated version of much awaited Hollywood movie Avengers Endgame.


In the past too the website has been leaking movie online and has been on the radar of the authorities for quite some time. But this is the first time that they will be releasing election results.

Faking News spoke to the admin of the website, who under condition of anonymity said, “These Lok Sabha elections are not less than any movie. The drama, political fights, constant reminders of good vs bad and all that. I tell you it is better than Avengers Endgame.”

“We already have the data from all the constituencies that went to poll and we are just waiting for the process to get over,” he added.

No revelation was made to indicate the trends in voting or whether any party had a clear lead.

The news of the leak got many political parties anxious, some even called for the Election Commission to intervene. While speaking at a rally Rahul Gandhi said, “What kind of Govt is this. They cannot even protect the sanctity of the election process. Modiji should change from a Chowkidaar to a Plumber and stop this leak online.”

News Channels too weren’t happy. “We have been preparing of these elections for the last 6 months. Our reporters took drama lessons to ace their on ground reporting. Not to mention the efforts we put in to get the exit/opinion polls. So what if no one cares about our predictions. These online pirates cannot just come and take away credit from us like this,” screamed Editor-in-Chief of RepublicTV Arnab Goswami.