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Tandoori roti served in IIT hostel mess accidentally falls on the floor, cracks granite tiles

06, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi. Student and mess staff in the Kanchenjunga hostel got the shock of their lives when a piece of tandoori roti being served in the mess during lunch fell on the floor with a loud bang and cracked the floor tiles as a result of impact.

Apparently the roti was so hard that the granite tiles could not bear the sharpness of the impact. While the crowded and noisy mess hall suddenly got silent due to the loud bang, one of the Nehli (student with GPA above 9.0) present on the scene immediately began the kinematic analysis of impact and intends to write a research paper on it shortly.

Prajwal Saha, a 3rd year B.Tech student also known by name LKP talked to reporters and narrated the whole incident, “When we came to the mess today we all knew that as-usual the rotis were going to be hard to bite and chew, they are always like that. But rotis would be so hard that they would crack the tiles? That was bit surprising.”

The culprit roti.
The culprit roti.

“This however is not the first time mess food has shocked the people consuming it. The other day a parent who visited the hostel and had lunch in the mess praised the salty yellow beverage served with the food. We all were shocked as there was no such beverage served. Later we came to know that he was actually referring to the dal served during lunch, which was so watery that he thought it was some kind of beverage. He apparently drank 3 glasses,” LKP chuckled and said. He and couple of his friends then left for sassi-da-dhaba an authentic food-joint just outside campus, to have their post-meal meal.

Ashutosh (name changed) is a first year student who talked to us on conditions of anonymity.

He said, “I don’t know why people were shocked because of this incident; similar things have happened in the past as well. Last week, one of our hostel-mates CB (Ch**** Bawandar, a pet name) actually got a pleasant surprise when a shaky tooth he was planning to get extracted came out own its own after he chewed the mess roti for a few seconds. That was just serendipitous for him. The money which his parents sent for dental treatment was then spent on our ‘treat’ment.”

While hostel warden has ordered an inquiry into the incident citing hazardous situations in hostel mess, this incident has led to some positive outcomes as well. A group of students doing internship with a chewing-gum company have now planned to analyze the butter naan served in hostel mess to study it’s elastic properties and its ability to gain extreme chewiness within few seconds of its preparation.

They would focus on how can the naan retain it’s chewiness despite a person chewing upon it for a few minutes  in the mouth, making it impossible to swallow. What they hope to learn out of the project can fundamentally change the way chewing-gums are manufactured in the industry.