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DTH customer encounters 'signal lost' problem in Mumbai due to #CycloneFani in Odisha

03, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. We have heard often about DTH customers facing issue during rains. Sata Fly and other providers encounter a lot of problems during the rainy season. But what happened today was the first time in history when a Cyclone which happened some 2000 Kms away affected the DTH signal. Some places in Mumbai encountered the ‘Signal Lost’ problem after hearing about the Cyclone in Odisha.


We spoke to the Engineer of the DTH company and he had this to say, ” The Satellite receiving systems which we install in the form of the round dish on terraces are very sensitive. Just a few days back maybe someone was listening to the cyclone news on high volume and the dish heard it. Soon we faced the signal lost problem in many parts of the city. We are trying hard to make our dish antenna little less sensitive so that they are not impacted by all news related to rains and cyclone. But that will take time. So for now, we request all users to keep the volume of their television sets on a lower side.”

It is expected that the signals will be restored only after the cyclone threat has receded and the dish antenna hears it from a news channel that the threat has passed away and it should start streaming the signals.